Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5 miles

Today I went 3 miles on the treadmill, and then later in the afternoon I took a walk at Washington Park with Lucie (my dog), Sue, and her son Jimmy. That walk is about 2.25 miles. So I went over 5 miles today!

I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, a mozzarella sandwich for lunch, and homemade general tsao's chicken for dinner. I let myself have ONE, just one dove chocolate. Oh it was so good. I needed it.

My feet are tired, and I have this weird feeling in my throat, I sure hope I am not getting sick! Have a great night.

peace. love. dove.

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  1. Hi Thanks for stopping by. I exercise every other day. I count the calories that i intake. I also buy 100 calorie snacks and the 90 calorie snacks from special k. I also grill my fish and chicken. I try to stay under 1000 calories a day. I love hot dogs. I found that Ball Park has a smoked turkey frank and is only 45 calories and it taste great. I buy whole wheat bread at 50 calories. Anyways i could go on and on. But I really am trying hard. GReat job on you weight loss. It took us a lot of time to get it and will take a while to get rid of it but i hoping i stick with it and you too. Victoria :)