Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kicking my butt

Oh man. My husband and I own a NordicTrack x7i Incline Trainer. It came with ifit.

I love my incline trainer. I am currently on Level 4 of the weight loss program.  I completed workout number 7 today. The first few days on the machine I could not finish the first workout without giving up after fifteen minutes. I fully admit that I have to take a minute or two breather during the workouts. My heart rate gets up to 190 sometimes and I don't think that burns fat. I am going to do some more research into that one.

Here is a look at what my work out was like today.

The highest point was at an incline of 32%, the max speed I think was 3.8 today.

I am not excited about tomorrows workout, but we will see how I get through it!

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